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Adoption can make a huge difference in a child's life by providing a loving home and family and caring for his or her needs. As an adoptive parent, you can also benefit from the joys of parenthood and the experience of watching your family grow. That said, adoption can often be a lengthy process, and you may encounter legal challenges along the way.

At Loire Krajniak Law, LLC, we can help you address these challenges and follow the required procedures to move through your adoption as smoothly as possible and welcome the child into your home. When you work with us, you not only benefit from our 10 years of family law experience, but also our passion for adoption and foster care that drives our personal investment in each case.

Legal Guidance Throughout the Illinois Adoption Process

In Illinois, you are eligible to adopt if you are a reputable person over the age of 18 who has lived in the state for at least the past six months, or a member of the U.S. military who has been domiciled in Illinois for 90 days. Minors may also be able to adopt if the court determines there is good cause. You can adopt as an individual, or with your spouse or partner in a civil union, in which case he or she will also be considered a party to the adoption.

The typical process for adopting a child in Illinois is as follows:

  1. Filing a petition for adoption: Your petition should identify yourself and any other petitioners, the child to be adopted, and any parties that may need to consent. Your attorney can help you complete the petition and file it with your county court.
  2. Undergoing a background check and a home investigation: Before approving the adoption, the court will order a criminal background check and a home investigation to look into your health, religion, reputation, and standing in the community, among other things, to determine whether you are a good fit as the child's parent.
  3. Obtaining consent or terminating parental rights: In order for the adoption to be finalized, the child's biological parents usually must first consent to the termination of their parental rights or be declared unfit parents. This process can sometimes present legal challenges that benefit from an attorney's assistance, especially if you have to demonstrate that the biological parents are unfit. In some cases, a child's guardian, an adoption agency, or the child him or herself must also consent.
  4. Attending the final judgment hearing: After reviewing the results of the background check and home investigation and determining whether all necessary consent has been obtained, the judge will issue a final judgment on the adoption. If the adoption is successful, you become the child's legal parent with all the rights and responsibilities that entails.

Understanding Different Kinds of Adoption

Depending on the nature of the adoption, the process may differ in some ways. For example, if you are related to the child by blood or marriage, you are not required to establish six months of residency before adoption, and you will likely not have to undergo an investigation. However, it is still necessary to obtain consent from the necessary parties, whether that be both biological parents or only one of them, in the case that you are a step-parent married to the other biological parent.

Many people also choose to become foster parents before legally adopting a child through the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Attorney Reese Krajniak is a licensed foster parent herself, and she can offer guidance on the process of becoming a foster parent, which requires 27 hours of training in addition to a background check, home inspection, health screening, and demonstration of financial stability.

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With the court involved at so many stages of the adoption process, you can benefit from an experienced attorney who understands the legal proceedings and can make sure you follow them appropriately. Contact us today at 630-448-2406 for a free consultation on your adoption case in Geneva, Sugar Grove, Yorkville, and throughout Kane County, and the surrounding areas.

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