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In most Illinois divorces, both parents will be allocated a share of custody, or parental responsibilities, for their children. However, this means that each parent will have to adapt to an arrangement in which they spend significant time living apart from their children. As such, parenting time can be a difficult and emotionally charged issue in your divorce case. You will need to think carefully about a schedule that serves your children's best interests and that allows you to be the best parent you can be, and you will also likely need to consider your spouse's needs and preferences.

At Loire Krajniak Law, LLC, we can work with you to resolve the details of your parenting time schedule and help you protect your relationships with your children. Attorney Reese Krajniak has 10 years of legal experience, and she can advocate on your behalf as you negotiate a parenting agreement or represent you in contested divorce litigation, depending on the nature of your case. Reese serves her clients with compassion and understanding for the challenges that divorce brings for parents and children alike.

Illinois Parenting Time Schedules

Within the last few years, Illinois has stopped using the term "visitation" to refer to the time that a child spends with a parent after divorce. Out of recognition that both parents typically play an important role in raising and caring for their children, Illinois family courts now expect divorcing parents to allocate parenting time between the two of them. During a parent's scheduled parenting time, he or she has the primary responsibility to provide for the children's regular care and development and make routine decisions regarding their needs.

Parenting time schedules can vary substantially depending on a family's situation. In some cases, parenting time is divided evenly between parents, perhaps with a schedule of alternating weeks. In other cases, one parent may be allocated the majority of weekday parenting time, while the other parent has time every other weekend and on certain weeknights. More customized arrangements are possible when parents live far apart or when a child has special needs.

In addition to a regular schedule of overnight stays with each parent, divorcing parents will need to consider the following details related to parenting time:

  • Special arrangements for holidays and school vacations
  • Guidelines for transportation and exchanges between parents
  • Provisions for a child's communication with one parent while staying with the other
  • Provisions for childcare or the right of first refusal when parents have conflicts with their scheduled parenting time
  • Provisions for modifying the parenting time schedule as the parents' or children's needs change

Important Considerations When Allocating Parenting Time

As with the other elements of a divorce resolution, spouses are often encouraged to pursue an amicable agreement regarding parenting time. In cases in which an agreement is not possible or desirable, the parenting time arrangement will be determined through litigation. In either case, the court will need to ensure that the children's best interests are represented in the final decision. Some factors the court will consider in this decision include:

  • The wishes of the children and each parent
  • The existing relationships between each child and parent, including each parent's past involvement in caretaking
  • The children's health and care needs
  • The schedules and routines of the parents and children
  • The children's adjustment to their school, community, and home
  • The distance and costs of transportation between the parents' homes
  • Any necessary restrictions on parenting time, including required supervision or the prohibition of certain activities

If the court has questions or concerns as to whether your proposed parenting time schedule is in your children's best interests, we can help you with your response and any supporting evidence that may help your case.

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