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Lawyer for Property Division, Child Custody, Estate Planning, and Other Family Concerns in Geneva, IL

Throughout your life, you may encounter many situations in which you need legal assistance with matters related to your family. Perhaps you will need to resolve a difficult dispute like a divorce or a contested judgment of paternity. Or, perhaps you will want to take action to secure a positive outcome for your family, like adopting a child or ensuring that your assets are passed to your family after your death. These legal matters may vary in their complexity, but for all of them, you can benefit from the help of an experienced attorney.

At Loire Krajniak Law, LLC, we have 10 years of legal experience in a variety of practice areas, including family law, divorce, and estate planning. Attorney Reese Krajniak is passionate about helping families protect their interests and improve their lives. She will take the time to understand your needs and goals, and determine the best legal approach to help you achieve them. Whatever family matter you are dealing with, Reese will be a compassionate ally and advocate and ensure that you are well informed and prepared for what to expect.

Divorce Representation in Kane County

Divorce is one of the most complex and emotionally challenging family law matters you may face. We will advise you as you prepare for the divorce process and represent you in amicable negotiations or contested litigation depending on the nature of your case. Along the way, we will help you protect your interests and resolve disputes related to:

  • Property division- Illinois requires a fair distribution of marital assets and debts in a divorce. We will work to protect non-marital property that belongs to you and advocate for a share of the marital properties that are most important to you, including your home, retirement savings, and other valuable assets.
  • Spousal support - If you have a financial need or will otherwise struggle to maintain your standard of living without your spouse's income, we can help you negotiate or petition for spousal maintenance or alimony, both during and after the divorce process.
  • Parental responsibilities and parenting time - Commonly known as custody, divorce matters involving your children are some of the most important to get right. We will help you stand up for your children's best interests and your own parental rights as you work toward an agreement or resolution regarding parental decision-making responsibilities and the time you will spend with your children.
  • Child support - Financial support for your children is also crucial. We will help you understand the Illinois child support calculation and ensure that your support order is fair to you and provides your children with the resources they need.

Additional Family Law Services

We can also help you with other family law matters, particularly those related to:

  • Adoption- If you are a stepparent, grandparent, or another relative, we can help you take the steps to legally adopt a related child. Attorney Reese Krajniak also has extensive personal experience with the Illinois foster care system and can help with your agency adoption.
  • Paternity - We advise and represent unmarried parents in their efforts to establish legal parentage and address accompanying issues, like child support and child custody orders.

Help With Estate Planning and Probate

As you plan for your family's future, we can help you create a comprehensive estate plan and represent you in probate matters including:

  • Wills and trusts- We work with you to draft estate planning measures that ensure your assets are passed on according to your wishes.
  • Powers of attorney - We help you plan for your possible incapacitation by designating trusted individuals to act on your behalf in financial and health matters.
  • Guardianship - We can represent you in a petition for guardianship of a minor child or a disabled adult.
  • Estate administration - We help estate administrators and beneficiaries navigate the probate process and resolve any legal disputes that arise.

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