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What You Can Do When Your Ex Stops Paying Alimony?

Posted on in Divorce / Family Law

Oswego, IL alimony lawyerThe ending of marriage calls for completely separating the lives of two people. A significant part of divorce ensures that all marital property is equitably divided. If one spouse makes less money and supports the other spouse during their marriage, they may be entitled to alimony, which is called spousal support in Illinois. A court order or divorce decree can highlight spousal support as a requirement.

Sometimes, the spouse ordered to pay spousal support may not like the final decision and choose to ignore the order. This neglect can lead to frustration, annoyance, and financial woes for the other party. There are several factors and strategies that you can utilize to make them comply and follow those orders. 

Can You Enforce Spousal Support Payments in Illinois?

If an ex-spouse decides not to comply with a divorce order on spousal support, it can turn your life upside down. Luckily, in Illinois, you can take a few actions to enforce the divorce decree. Here are a few actions you can take with the help of a divorce attorney to enforce your spousal support payments:

  • Contempt of court: Your ex-spouse may face fines, jail time, and other penalties for not following the court order.

  • Wage garnishment: This arrangement addresses non-compliance with spousal support by deducting from the ex-spouse's paycheck.

  • Writ of execution: A judge may call for seizing a non-paying spouse's property for debt fulfillment.

  • Modification of divorce decree: Certain changes in the payor's job or funds may require a modification request to be fair to both parties.

What Do I Need Legally to Enforce My Spousal Support Payments?

Here are a couple of actions you can take to prepare and plan while enforcing your divorce orders when faced with non-compliance:

  • Collect the right documents: Make sure you keep records of payments and all forms of communication. 

  • Clear communication with ex-spouse: Honest dialogue with your ex-spouse can let you know what is going on and possible reasons they have not made spousal support payments. 

  • Discuss with a divorce attorney: They can help you decide the best course of action toward your ex-spouse being compliant and making their spousal support payments. 

  • Consider mediation with ex-spouse: Divorce attorneys can also help to resolve disagreements and financial hardships by ensuring fair proceedings and supporting both parties through respectful mediation and modifications if needed.

Contact an Oswego, IL Divorce Attorney

Although noncompliance with divorce orders can be upsetting, there are legal methods you can use in Illinois to protect your rights. Loire Krajniak Law, LLC, a skilled family law attorney, can help you. Loire Krajniack will take all the necessary measures if your ex-spouse is not following court instructions. For a free consultation from a Kendall County, IL, divorce attorney, please contact us at 630-448-2406.

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