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Should You Add Virtual Visitation Terms to Your Parenting Plan?

Posted on in Divorce / Family Law

IL family lawyerWhether you have an established parenting plan or you are in the process of crafting one post-split with your child’s other parent, you may benefit from adding virtual visitation terms to that document. Oftentimes, co-parents focus on outlining a parenting time schedule and articulating various rights and responsibilities within their parenting plan. However, this document can also address any other co-parenting issue that could benefit from being both clearly articulated and enforceable. Virtual visitation is a subject that may significantly benefit from attention in your family’s unique plan.

Virtual Visitation Basics

Virtual visitation allows whichever parent who is not currently residing with their child to communicate with them. Depending upon the age of the child and their unique needs, a family may choose to utilize video chats, bedtime story calls, texts, email, postal mail, social media, or any other means available to participate in virtual visitation sessions.

Why Virtual Visitation Is Worth Your Consideration

Children of all ages – whether consciously or subconsciously – crave both stability and connection. Virtual visitation offers both. When parents who are not physically present make an effort to connect with their child via virtual visitation, they will remain more present in their child’s life and offer them a kind of support that they may not have consciously known that they needed.

One of the reasons that it can be helpful to formalize a virtual visitation arrangement within the context of a parenting plan is that loose plans to connect “whenever” can undermine a child’s sense of stability, upend a co-parent’s schedule, and lead to tension. By working out details ahead of time, everyone can benefit from an understanding of their rights and responsibilities in this regard.

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No two co-parenting scenarios unfold under the exact same set of circumstances. As a result, it can be truly helpful to discuss your family’s unique situation with a knowledgeable Kendall County, IL family lawyer. That way, you can benefit from personalized guidance designed to help you make informed choices about your options.

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