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Should I Have an Open Adoption or a Closed Adoption?

 Posted on March 30, 2023 in Divorce / Family Law

Kane County Adoption LawyerIf you are thinking about bringing a child into your family through adoption, congratulations! Adoption is a blessing for both the adopted child and the adoptive parents. However, adoption is not without its share of complications - legally, financially, and emotionally. One question you may be exploring as you research adoption is whether you should have an open adoption or a closed adoption. In an open adoption, the adoptive child and the child's biological parents stay in contact with each other. During a closed adoption, the adopted child does not communicate with or visit the biological parents. In some cases the child may not even know who his or her biological parents are.

Closed Adoptions Sever the Child’s Relationship with His or Her Biological Parent Entirely

In a closed adoption, the adopted child is no longer a part of the biological parents’ lives. The adoptive parents assume the role of primary caregivers in the child's life. The child may grow up and eventually want to reconnect with his or her biological parent. However, while the child is a minor, the biological parents do not have any access to the child.

Closed adoptions are recommended for cases in which a child has been removed from a home due to abuse, neglect, or severe substance abuse. In situations like these it may do more harm than good for the child to maintain contact with his or her biological parents.

Open Adoptions Allow a Child Continued Access to His or Her Biological Parents

An open adoption allows a child to maintain a relationship with his or her family of origin. This can give the child access to important family medical history and other information. It can also help the child gain a sense of identity and security. The biological parents gain the right to watch their child grow up and know that their child is safe and loved.

When a family decides to proceed with an open adoption, they must keep many things in mind. Are the biological parents a good influence on the child? How can both sets of parents best support the child? How will any disagreements or conflict about the child's upbringing be handled? These are not easy questions, but they are questions that adoptive parents considering open adoption must think about carefully.

Adoptive parents should also consider the degree to which the biological parents will be involved in their lives. Will contact be limited to birthday cards and occasional letters or will the biological parents frequently visit or communicate with the child?  

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