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4 Types of Adoption Offered in Kane County

 Posted on September 21, 2022 in Divorce / Family Law

kane county adoption lawyer Adopting a child can be a joyous occasion for families who have been pursuing parenthood for extended periods of time. However, some adoptions occur because they are necessary rather than a long-pursued outcome. Other types of adoptions are nontraditional, allowing a child’s birth parents continued contact. There are multiple paths to parenthood in Kane County. Each prospective adopter must carefully consider how each type of adoption may suit their lifestyle and plans for the future. If you are considering adopting a child, it is important to carefully consider each type of adoption in order to assess what is right for you and your existing family. Adopting is not designed to be an expedient and inexpensive process, but rather, to ensure that children eligible for adoption will be placed in suitable homes. Before you initiate the adoption process, it may be wise to speak with an attorney.

Different Types of Adoption for Different Family Needs

If you are pursuing parenthood through adoption, it is critical to be well-informed about the options that may be available. The major types of adoption potentially available to Illinois residents include: 

  • Agency adoption - This is the classic style of adoption used by prospective parents who are interested in adopting an infant born to an often anonymous stranger. Agencies match prospective parents to an infant whose birth parents have placed them for adoption to parents willing to adopt. Infants placed by agencies generally come with no family ties, and there is no obligation to remain in contact with the birth family.

  • Open adoption - Open adoption is similar to agency adoption but with one key difference. In an open adoption, the infant’s birth mother or father or other biological family members will be permitted a predetermined level of contact with the infant even after placement. Birth parents and adoptive parents are generally given discretion in making a contact agreement.

  • Related adoption - This type of adoption takes place when new parents adopt a child who is already a member of their family. This often occurs when the child’s biological parents have passed away or are unsuitable or uninterested in parenthood.

  • Foster adoption - Foster parents often make the decision that both they and the child in question will be best served by adopting a foster child. This type of adoption can be life-changing for a child in the foster care system, introducing a level of stability the child may have never before experienced.

Regardless of the particular type of adoption, it is important to have an attorney assisting you. Unpredicted issues or legal complications often arise, so it is advisable to have an attorney ready to offer you continuing support throughout the process.

Contact a Kane County Adoption Lawyer 

Loire Krajniak Law, LLC is committed to assisting prospective adoptive parents throughout the adoption process. Our experienced Geneva adoption attorney offer skilled representation to those who are in the process of adopting a child. Call 630-448-2406 for a free consultation.



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